Amazing 10 Braided Hairstyles For Girls 2016-2017

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Braided Hairstyles For Girls 2016-2017

Playful braid dresses are the top trend in summer! We will show you 25 cool styles for children’s dresses for girls, which you can make yourself. The sweet braids will show the face of your little princess better.
What is the great popularity of the braided hairdressers? Above all, their versatility and the fact that they can be done quickly and without great effort. Shown above – a super sweet hairstyle from two side waterfall braids, which are then tied behind the head with a loop. The childish hair is particularly suitable for girls with shoulder-length, smooth hair.
Sweet and pretty simple is the next hairstyle for girls with medium length and long hair. With a zig-zag crest and four small braids on both sides of the head, the hair is guaranteed not to fall into the eyes. A practical braided hairstyles for the school, because it can be done with little practice in less than 5 minutes.

More hairstyles for your little princess can be found in the photo section below – some are super simple, others – more complex. But practice makes the master – and by the way, this is a cool leisure activity in the cold weekends, which will surely be fun for everyone.

Cool Braided Straight Hairstyes for girls 2016-2017












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